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Neolt EXY 210 Electro "XY" Trimmer
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Neolt EXY 210 Electro "XY" Trimmer

Neolt EXY210 Electro "XY" Trimmer

Electro “XY” Trim This precision cutter is designed to produce simultaneous cuts on all 4 edges of images being cut from large format rolls or sheets. The systems adjustable optical sensor is able to read a large array of industry standard printed ‘cut marks’ for the precise alignment of horizontal cuts. Multiple vertical cuts are manually set with adjustable slitter blades. LCD keypad control has 9 speed settings, with the capacity of 40 preset channels. Preset channels allow for convenient switching of materials being cut for maximum accuracy. Cutter provides for automatic cut programming for sheeting of blank material. Corrosion resistant, chrome steel cutting blades provide enhanced protection against corrosion and wear. The unit comes complete with stand and waste catch basket.

Other XY Electro Trimming Machines:
  • Neolt EXY165 with a Material Thickness of .02 , and a Cutting Width of 65 inches

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  • Neolt EXY 210 Electro "XY" Trimmer
    Specification Value
    Warranty Digital ES / Neolt USA Trimmer Warranty:
    Thirty (30) day "return to depot warranty" on all parts, labor and freight on factory defects provided the customer has retained and returned the defective unit in the original packaging.
    Ninety (90) day "replacement parts only" on boards, motors, belts and lasers.
    One (1) year on material defects and craftsmanship

    Need Help? Call 1-866-432-0042