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ERC Trio 15 Inch Rotary Trimmer EX 3116
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ERC Trio 15 Inch Rotary Trimmer EX 3116

ERC Trio 15 Inch ABS/Metal Base Rotary Trimmer EX 3116

Trio Rotary Paper Trimmers are best used for extremely accurate cutting applications. Sizing photographs or delicate invitaions is a perfect example of how these cutters show off their unique capabilities. The EX 3116 rotary trimmer design incorporates many features to simplify your trimming requirements. Features include a 15 inch cutting width, heavy-duty Steel base for stability, stainless steel semi self sharpening rotary blade for clean precise cuts, "sure grip" cutting head with blade guard and edge to edge cutting grid for accurate alignment of your paper stock.


  • Steel Base
  • 7 Sheet Cutting Capacity
  • Automatic Clamp
  • Safety Cutting Head


  • Cutting Length (mm./Inches) 398/15.66
  • Cutting Height (mm./Inches) 0.45/.017
  • Format Indication/Paper Size A6 - A4
  • Table Size (W x D) mm. 505 x 210
  • Table Size (W x D) Inches 19.88 x 8.26
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) mm. 505 x 210 x 100
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) Inches 19.88 x 8.26 x 3.93
  • Weight 5 lbs

    List Price: $169.00
    Sale Price: $129.00

  • ERC Trio 15 Inch Rotary Trimmer EX 3116
    Specification Value
    Warranty Warranty coverage for TRIO paper cutting products as follows: Three months labor and twelve months parts replacement for electric cutters. Two-year repair or replacement coverage for 15 inch and smaller manual cutters and trimmers. One-year repair or replacement for manual cutters and stack cutters greater than 15 inches. One-year repair or replace for staplers. With the exception of electric cutters, all items are "return to depot" for warranty service.

    Improper use, cutting blades and user maintenance requirements are not covered by this warranty.

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