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ERC 660EC 25.9 Inch Hydraulic Paper Cutting Machine
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ERC 660EC 25.9 Inch Hydraulic Paper Cutting Machine

ERC 660EC 25.9 Inch Hydraulic Paper Cutting Machine

Looking for a heavy-duty paper cutter designed for extreme maximum use? The ERC 660EC Industrial Paper Cutter has an incredible cut width capability of 25.9 inches and a Maximum blade lift height of 3.1 inches. This allows for about 750 sheets to be cut in a single operation with complete control of paper clamp pressure, blade resistance and blade cutting depth. The model 660EC includes a powered backstop with digital controls and the 5.7in Touch-Screen LCD display in millimeter or inch increments. One Hundred blade action and paper advance settings are programmable and can be stored for future cutting jobs. Optical blade placement indicator, motor driven backstop, motor driven paper clamp and blade stop photo eye safety circuit are standard features on the 660EC paper cutting machine. Blade to backstop depth is 21 inches. The cutting blade and motor driven paper clamp alignment tolerance allows for a narrow cut of 1.2 inches. The work surface on the ERC 660EC hydraulic industrial paper cutter is 30 X 20 inches. Standard Safety Feature on all ERC Paper Cutters require two-hand operation. A useful Base Cabinet with storage is included.


  • Included in the Price is On-Site Unpacking and Setup of the Paper Cutter
  • Wide Cut (25.9)
  • 750 sheet cutting capability
  • 30 x 20 work surface
  • Motorized back stop, clamp and blade
  • Optical blade placement indicator
  • Programmable cut settings (100)
  • 5.7in LCD Touch-Screen Display
  • Solid steel blade carrier
  • Adjustable clamp pressure
  • Full backstop extension
  • Solid steel blade carrier
  • Heavy Duty Steel base cabinet
  • SafeTwo-Handed Operation

    List Price: $19,788.00
    Sale Price: $12,670.00

  • ERC 660EC 25.9 Inch Hydraulic Paper Cutting Machine
    Specification Value
    Max. Cut Thickness 3.15in
    Max. Cutting Depth 21in.
    Max. Paper Cutting Width 25.9in.
    Voltage     220 volt Single Phase
    Warranty Information ERC Electric Paper Cutters are warranted for a period of one-year excluding wearables. Warranty includes parts and labor but does not include Technician transit time charges (when applicable). Wearable items include, but are not limited to: Blades, Cutting Sticks, Light Bulbs and Fuses. This warranty extends only to the original purchaser. As this is a heavy item use of a Lift-gate at Delivery is recommended.

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