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Ingento 36 Inch Maple Paper Trimmer with Stand 1184
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Ingento 36 Inch Maple Paper Trimmer with Stand 1184
The GBC Ingento 1184 Paper Trimmer is a 36" x 30" paper trimmer that is part of the Classic Maple Paper Trimmer line. It can cut up to 15 sheets of 20# bond paper at a time. The included wooden table is equipped with a bottom storage shelf and drop leaf shelf that pulls out to catch excess trim. The foot-operated clamp holds the paper in place while you're cutting. The drop leaf shelf allows you to easily clean up paper trimmings after you've finished cutting, maintaining the waste in one spot. To prevent accidents, a steel tension spring securely locks the blade in any position.

List Price: $1,036.35
Sale Price: $840.00

Ingento 36 Inch Maple Paper Trimmer with Stand 1184
Specification Value
Max. Paper Cutting Length 36 in.
Max. Sheet Capacity 15 sheets
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