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Formax Tabletop Cut-Sheet Cutter FD 572
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Formax Tabletop Cut-Sheet Cutter FD 572

Formax Tabletop Cut-Sheet Cutter FD 572

The Formax FD 572 Cut Sheet Cutter processes up to 50 forms per minute from impact printer, copy machines, print shops or laser printers. Automatically feeds forms and cuts, slits, or perforates in the desired location. Multiple cuts on a single sheet can be programmed via the push button control panel and may be reserved in memory for future operations. The FD 572 features include up to100 programmable custom settings are possible, six pre-programmed settings (already configured), sheet counter and safety interlock. This machine is ideal for cutting pages of checks, coupons, tickets, membership cards, notices and labels. Options: Slitters, perforators and conveyor.

Price: $6,350.00

Formax Tabletop Cut-Sheet Cutter FD 572
Specification Value
Max. Form Length 18 in.
Max. Form Width 14.5 in.
Max. Paper Weight 90 bond
Min. Form Length 4 in.
Min. Form Width 4 in.
Min. Paper Weight 20 bond
Speed 50 ft./min.
Voltage 120 volts
Warranty Machines, parts and accessories sold by FORMAX to the original purchaser are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship and against operational failure for a period of ninety days following the day of delivery. If a machine or part fails during the warranty period, FORMAX will repair or replace the unit, at its option, at no charge to the customer if the following conditions are met.
1. The machine or accessory has not been subjected to other than ordinary use, and has not been damaged by accident or neglect. 2. Only forms which have been tested and approved by FORMAX, have been and are being processed. 3. The machine or part problem is not due to shipping damage or improper customer installation or assembly. Extended Service Agreements are available and recommended for on-site service.

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