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Martin Yale 7000E Paper Cutter
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Martin Yale 7000E Paper Cutter

Martin Yale 7000E Paper Cutter

The Martin Yale 7000E Paper Cutter is a Tabletop Cutter priced to fit educational and small business budgets. In four easy steps, a stack of papers up to 12 Inches wide and 1.5 Inches thick can be cut (approximately 350 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper). Just load the paper, close the positive clamp, release the safety latch, and with one easy pull of the handle, the cut is made. The Martin Yale 7000E paper cutter is ideal for creating business cards, padding sets and other multiple-sheet uses.


  • Tabletop paper cutter ideal for photo shops, schools, businesses and small print shops
  • Includes all the heavy-duty features needed to cut large stacks of paper
  • Cuts a stack of paper up to 12 inches Wide and 1-1/2 Inches Thick ((approximately 350 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper)
  • Safety Blade Latch prevents cutting until released
  • Adjustable Back Gauge
  • Positive Clamp holds stack in place, eliminating shifting and tearing
  • Heavy-duty wood base
  • Non-skid feet

  • Shipping and Handling are additional.


    Cutting Length: Up to 12 Inches
    Cutting Capacity: Up to 350 Sheets
    Dimensions: 20 Wide x 30 Depth x 16 Height (Inches) Weight: 45 lbs.

    List Price: $1,139.00
    Sale Price: $725.95

  • Martin Yale 7000E Paper Cutter
    Specification Value
    Blade Length (in.) 12 in.
    Blade to backstop 11 in.
    Max. Sheet Capacity 200 sheets
    Warranty Martin Yale products are warranted for a period of one-year. This warranty covers parts only. Extended warranty agreements are available and are recommended for paper folders, electric paper cutters, bursters, check signers and slitters. Contact a sales representative for details.

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