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Martin Yale INTIMUS GC210 10 Up Gutter Cut Business Card Slitter / Cutter w/ Stand with FAIM**
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Martin Yale INTIMUS GC210 10 Up Gutter Cut Business Card Slitter / Cutter w/ Stand with FAIM**

Martin Yale INTIMUS GC210 10-Up Gutter Cut Business Card Slitter / Cutter with Stand

The GC210 business card slitter by Intimus allows you to rapidly produce business cards at a speed of 300 per minute. The INTIMUS GC210 Business Card Cutting Machine has a large, built-in waste catching bin, which saves time by automatically stripping the excess paper away from the business cards and the hardened steel semi-self sharpening blades ensure years of operation and Business Card Cutting without sharpening or replacement. Just two quick passes through the GC210 Business Card Slitter and your 10-up cards on 8" x 11" sheets are cut down to 3" x 2" with ease.

The Intimus GC210 Business Card Slitting Machine has Adjustable side guides give flexibility to move the paper feed position adjusting for out of register printing.

The Intimus GC210 Business Card Slitter is built with Gutters, (blank space in between each of the business cards) on the full printed sheets let you extend the ink off the business card's edge (or bleed it) and still allow for consistently professional business cards without the adjacent cards' images drifting into one another. You can use most professional design software programs to create your cards, with the Intimus GC210 Business Card Slitter such as Quark, InDesign, Illustrator, Pagemaker, PhotoShop Word and Publisher. You can also use this Intimus GC210 Business Card Cutter's 10-up format (10 cards per 8" x 11" sheet) to produce cards without bleeds.


  • Up to 300 completed cards/minute
  • Quickly and professionally produce business cards with bleeds
  • Adjustable paper guides allow for fine-tuning registration
  • Unit sits securely on custom waste
  • Semi-self sharpening cutting blades made of hardened steel
  • Casters & folding catch tray allow for compact storage
  • Rear cover panel strips waste away from rollers
  • For maximum safety the machine will not run if rear cover is not in place

    Intimus GC208 Gutter Cut Business Card Slitter

  • Speed.... Up to 300 cards per minute
  • Paper Size Fixed,.... 8-1/2" x 11" only
  • Final Card Size Fixed...., 3-1/2" x 2 " only
  • Gutter Size ....Fixed, " in between each card
  • Max. Paper Thickness.... Up to 100 lb. cover/card stock
  • Operation Auto.... - feeds from in feed tray
  • Infeed Tray Capacity.... Up to 5/8" thick (high) stack
  • Card Collection.... 4 bins in outfeed tray
  • Waste Collection.... Excess paper stripped away into waste bin/stand
  • Electrical.... 115V 60Hz
  • Dimensions.... 17" (W) x 10.6" (D) x 28.25" (H)
  • Net Weight ....70 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight.... 80 lbs.

    With FAIM you get:

  • Installation by a factory authorized installer
  • Application and use training by a factory installation installer
  • Up to two additional, no-charge maintenance calls during the first year by a factory authorized installer
  • Replacement parts free for one year from the date of installation (except for consumables such as rubber wheels and rollers; slitting, perforating and scoring wheels; blades, cutting sticks; etc).

    Why FAIM might make sense for you:

  • If you sell consumables, such as paper or forms, you can now sell bursters, decollators, folders and cutters to your customers
  • No need for your organization to develop the servicing skills required to maintain complex machines
  • Allows minimal involvement and frees you to pursue other more profitable or desirable opportunities
  • Even at an installation where an adjustment might be necessary, factory authorized installers are trained to handle that eventuality
  • In the unlikely event a machine does not function to the specifications at installation, Martin Yale will repair or replace the unit.
  • Increased customer satisfaction, as there is less room for operator error - an avoidable cause of customer dissatisfaction with equipment.


    The FAIM Program will aid in the proper installation, training and operation of our equipment, however, it is no substitute for proper application selling. Martin Yale warrants its equipment will operate within published specifications, however, specific applications cannot be guaranteed. If an end-user has a unique application, simply supply Martin Yale with samples. We will test the application before a buying decision is made.

    List Price: $2,598.00
    Sale Price: $2,315.59

  • Martin Yale INTIMUS GC210 10 Up Gutter Cut Business Card Slitter / Cutter w/ Stand with FAIM**
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    Warranty Information Martin Yale products are warranted for a period of one-year. This warranty covers parts only. Extended warranty agreements are available and are recommended for paper folders, electric paper cutters, bursters, check signers and slitters. Contact a sales representative for details.

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